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Serveitup is the quintessential junior tennis authority. We are a publication intent on promoting and showcasing only junior tennis players. Serveitup lays claim to the fact that we are real junior tennis. Serveitup is the most unique, dynamic, cutting-edge junior tennis publication. Our vision at Serveitup, is to transport you on an exciting journey into the remarkable lives of real junior tennis players.

We feature them on the magazine cover, We tell their stories and reveal their real lives. You will know about their Lifestyles, Fashion, Tournaments, Health & Fitness, Achievements, Equipment, Instructions, Goals, Interviews, Passions, Training Methods, Travel and much more, before they become the next tennis superstars. We strive for excellence in every issue.

Every publication will be specifically designed to deliver the most relevant resources to educate, motivate, empower, showcase and interact with all junior players. Serveitup believes it is critically important to focus the attention on junior players, because that's where the next generation of professional tennis superstars begin their passage, into that elite world... and you will have a front row seat as we chronicle their pursuit of tennis stardom.

For this reason, all we do is promote junior tennis players. We intend to affect junior tennis globally by getting Serveitup into the hands of current and future junior tennis players. Serveitup is totally free and available online at . That makes Serveitup a must read for every player... and their parents?

All you have to do is send us your tennis story and photos. Serveitup will do the rest. Oh, don't forget, we publish on the 15th of every month.